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Comprehensive assesments

Safety Solutions International (SSI) offers a wide range of occupational health and safety consulting and assessment services, which among other things can help operations identify where systems gaps exist and where behavioral management and employee engagement can be augmented positively and enhance leadership, improve hazard recognition, and promote best practices.

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Predictive analysis

SSI’s focus on discovering contributing indicators can help companies increase their health and safety systems’ capability to identify existing and potential hazards, their associated risks, and apply proactive controls, leading to effective measures preventing incident reoccurrence. SSI can assist organizations fulfill and sustain their visions for protecting employees in a way that is consistent with their overall business plans. 

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Customized OH&S Training

SSI services can guide leadership and operations management in their development of comprehensive health and safety systems, helping them achieve expected results. Plus, SSI provides training at all levels in safety regulation, inspection and audit procedures, root cause analysis, hazard recognition, safety leadership, behavior management and worker engagement, risk management, regulatory and legislative compliance, and Crisis Management and Emergency Response Development.