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Four Steps - To Successful

Our first guide is ready to help you and your team manage fatigue at every level of your organization. Simply fill out the form to the right and you'll receive your free copy of our "Four Steps to Successful Fatigue Risk Management Guide". Enjoy!

10 Ways to mange worker fatigue

There are a myriad of contributing factors that lead to dangerous worker fatigue every day. From the clear, like lack of sleep; to the obscure, like environmental factors. Download our guide to worker fatigue to get insights straight from our team of experts on how to combat fatigue and make your business a safer, more productive place

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Using training gamification to raise safety awareness

Using Training Gamification to Raise Safety Awareness

Playing “brain games” can improve employees’ retention and recall of crucial safety training content, overcoming some limitations of traditional safety training methods. In this paper you'll learn about some of the shortcomings of traditional safety training and see how you can use gamification at your work sites to improve safety.

Simply fill out the form to the right and you'll receive your free copy.

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Shifting Priorities


Using Energy Drinks to Fight Fatigue? They Could Actually Be Making It Worse

At least since Red Bull's introduction to the U.S. market in 1997, energy drinks have become common in many diets.

The Advantages of Impairment Testing over Drug Testing to Improve Workplace Safety

Drug Testing as an Ineffective Safety Practice     Since President Reagan’s mandate for drug testing Federal employees.

Webinar: Managing Workforce Fatigue In Your Company

Join us for our upcoming webinar Tuesday, February 14th at 11 AM MST! Even with shift scheduling optimization and.

Thwarting the Accident Cycle through Conscious Communication

For many safety professionals, determining the causes of incidents and near misses can be a frustrating process,.

The Best Way To Safety Excellence?

An article about warehouse safety that I recently came across asserted that following OSHA’s rules and regulations was.

7 Deadly Signs Of Fatigue

I remember the first couple of years after my twins were born.  I didn’t know that fatigue could go that deep, or that.

Never Thought We’d Hear This From A Government Agency

Included in the upcoming August 10th rule on electronic reporting of workplace injuries, OSHA makes it clear that not.

Employee Fatigue Mistakes to Avoid

We spoke recently with our resident fatigue doctor, Dr. Doug Potter, who is one of the few people in his industry who.

Seven Characteristics of a Positive Safety Culture

The concept of safety culture has been gaining more widespread attention in high-hazard industries as more and more.