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Predictive Safety

Software to make your business safer and more productive.

Fatigue and cognitive impairment are alarmingly huge sources of workplace safety risk and reduced productivity. Yet, they usually go undetected until after incidents happen. So, we created easy-to-use tech tools that detect worker fatigue and impairment, allowing you to become the strong leaders of a safer and more productive workplace.

Safety shouldn't be expensive and inefficient. We help every industry establish safe and productive operations.

Ensure worker alertness.

Make your oil & gas facility safer

Reduce accident risk and enhance
employee wellness.

Make your healthcare facility safer

Reduce miner fatigue and impairment.

Make your mining facility safer

Reduce incidents, boost

Make your manufacturing plant safer

Ensure driver alertness.

Increase safety for your transportation business

Reduce risks onboard.

Increase safety with your maritime workers

Identify risks on site.

Make your construction site safer

Our customers boast: 

  1. Well-rested and alert workers
  2. Increased visibility into   worker impairment
  3. More safety accountability in the workforce
  4. More effective safety communication
  5. Increased motivation to work safely
  6. Up to 70% reduction in worker's comp claims
  7. Boost in worker productivity
  8. Up to 90% reduction in drug testing costs
  9. Reduction in accident severity 
  10. Real-time solutions for real-time risks

Testimonials from Predictive Safety on Vimeo.

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Become an Effective Safety Leader: Don't Stop Learning!

Companies We Work With:

Anglo American plc
Metal Solutions
Premier Gold Mines Ltd
Prudential Stainless & Alloys
Usibelli Coal Mine
Prairie State Generating Company