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Accident Prevention and Crisis Management and Safety Culture in the Workplace

Safer Workers Mean Better Business

A win/win philosophy that drives the Predictive Safety Team
Predictive Safety is the culmination of individuals passionate about improving safety and
making lives better
through the power of data.
Accident Prevention and Crisis Management and Fatigue Safety Field Impairment Test and Fatigue Management Plan
Eric Owen Expert in Fatigue Management and Accident Prevention and Crisis Management
Eric Owen
Chief Executive Officer

Eric Owen, Chief Executive Officer

Eric is responsible for overall corporate strategy and execution. He joined the company in October of 2017 as COO to lead the organization into new markets and verticals, and to scale operations and product delivery.

Eric brings over 20 years of experience in technology, strategy, operations, channel management and market creation. Over the course of his career he has held significant executive roles in companies ranging from Fortune 50 entities to start-ups, both domestic and international. His passion for growth and disruptive technologies keeps him on the forefront of technology. Prior to joining Predictive Safety, Eric was the North American and LATAM CEO for Copenhagen Denmark based Mono Solutions, a SaaS CRM solution serving the MarTech reseller market. Prior to Mono Solutions, Eric was a founding executive at Local Insight Media, a Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe backed roll-up in the media space. There he led all digital product, strategic partnerships, and digital go-to-market planning and execution.

Eric is a frequent speaker at conferences, and contributes some of his time to mentoring start-ups. He has held Board of Director and Advisors positions at several private companies and participated in over 20 significant transactions spanning Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures, Private Placements, and Leveraged Buy-outs.

Greg Adamietz Expert in SaaS sales and growth
Greg Adamietz
Vice President of Sales

Greg Adamietz, Vice President of Sales

Greg Adamietz spearheads the company's sales growth and business development as Vice President of Sales. Adamietz has led sales and marketing teams in the emerging SaaS-based web technologies marketplace for two decades. While at DigitalGlobe, he played a key role in marketing the digital imagery platform that later partnered with Google for its first image-based version of Google Maps. Most recently, Adamietz led the sales, services, and partners teams at Rapt Media, helping Fortune 500 companies better engage employees and customers with revolutionary interactive video technologies.

Greg lives in Boulder, CO with is family.  He spends time in the mountains all 4 seasons, and is most likely at the Louisville, CO bandstand with a local brew on Friday nights throughout the summer months.  Greg holds a Masters in Environmental Science from Texas State University.

Dr. Lori Guasta Expert in Maintain Workplace Safety and Workplace Safety Solutions
Dr. Lori Guasta
Vice President

Dr. Lori Guasta, Vice President

Dr. Guasta is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of training programs, behavioral research, and human factors analyses. Her work focuses primarily on organizational behavior, culture, and safety leadership.

Prior to her position at Predictive Safety, Dr. Guasta served as Director of Organizational Behavior and Emerging Markets for Safety Solutions International, where she created an innovative Behavioral, Leadership, and Organizational Culture (BLOC) Program for use across a variety of industries. The program focuses on organizational and leadership factors necessary to positively influence worker behavior and instill safety as a value among all levels of an organization. The BLOC Program is science-based and stems from Dr. Guasta’s work in higher education where she developed and instructed more than 20 courses in leadership, communication, and sociology.

Prior to working for Safety Solutions International she worked for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Spokane Research Laboratory, formerly the U.S. Bureau of Mines.

Dr. Guasta has 15 years of experience as a researcher and college instructor. She is published and has delivered numerous presentations at professional meetings and industry conferences. Her research experience includes designing and conducting ethnographic, survey, and evaluation research. Dr. Guasta also has experience with secondary data analysis concerning safety and health in several skilled blue-collar industries (e.g., mining, oil and gas, and commercial fishing).

Dr. Guasta holds a doctorate degree in leadership studies from Gonzaga University and a Master’s degree in clinical sociology from the University of Northern Colorado.

Jeffrey Sease Expert in Fatigue Management Plan and Field Impairment Test
Jeffrey Sease
Vice President of Operations

Jeffrey Sease, Vice President of Operations

Mr. Sease is responsible for client services, project implementation and assuring that Predictive Safety technology and services align successfully with client expectations and requirements. Mr. Sease advises the leadership team to assist in defining corporate strategy to meet and exceed corporate goals and objectives. He provides both strategic and tactical support to drive a culture of operational excellence and high performance, while insuring a superior customer experience.

Mr. Sease previously served as Vice President of Sales for Data Connect Corporation from 1998 to 2015, advising on the company’s growth strategy and technology direction with a special emphasis on empowering employees to elevate their personal excellence and optimize team performance. Starting in 2012, he became deeply involved in development and strategy related to fatigue and alertness products being developed by Data Connect. He transitioned to his role at Predictive Safety when the company acquired this technology and associated clients.

Prior to working for Data Connect, Mr. Sease started and operated two tech companies based in Denver Colorado. He graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.

Carol Setters Expert in Accident Prevention and Crisis Management and Impairment Testing
Carol Setters

Carol Setters, Sales

Carol is responsible for the development of marketing strategy, brand identity, sales execution, and the product development for the AlertMeter Cognitive Impairment Detection Test. She took on her current role in July 2015.

Prior to this position, she was responsible for new business development for Data Connect Corporation in their tradeshow software division. Ms. Setters established new markets for the ShowExpert software platform in 3 major industries, and participated in project management in adapting to these new industries with the company’s product development team. She also led the initiative to expand the PRISM Fatigue Risk Management Platform out of its initial South African location and into the global marketplace.

Ms. Setters held a leadership position with Wild Oats Markets Corporation from 2001 to 2006, where she built and managed a national in-house marketing division for over 300 national vendors, which helped set the stage for Wild Oats’ acquisition by Whole Foods Markets. Following the acquisition, Ms. Setters’s strong industry reputation enabled her to presell the first two quarters of business for her own marketing firm.

Ms. Setters ran an independent public relations firm in the 1990s, and was responsible for client stories in publications such as The New York Times, Chicago Sun, People Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, and features in NBC Nightly News and NPR’s All Things Considered. She has also written two books.

Marcus Wichmann Expert in Workplace Safety Solutions and Fatigue Management Plan
Marcus Wichmann
South Africa Operations Manager

Marcus Wichmann, South Africa Operations Manager

Marcus is involved in development coordination, IT coordination, change management, and developing policies and procedures for Predictive Safety’s software.

Mr. Wichmann worked with PRISM founders and sleep scientists in creating the original PRISM predictive fatigue management platform. Mr. Wichmann is the Project Manager for PRISM Services at Anglo American South African mines where he has been instrumental in implementing the fatigue risk management system within Anglo’s existing management infrastructure.

Prior to working with PRISM Services, Mr. Wichmann spent 26 years in the semiconductor industry involved with 24/7 operations for manufacturing, engineering and support. Mr. Wichmann worked with Lam Research, the 4th largest global semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer based in San Francisco and was responsible for implementing Lam’s 24/7 Service Support model in their South Korea operations, managing an $80M service business for Lam Research Korea.

Prior to working with Lam Research, Mr. Wichmann was Manufacturing Director for Hyundai Semiconductor America in Eugene, Oregon which involved the startup of one of the largest wafer fabrication sites in the US.

Mr. Wichmann’s earlier work was with Texas Instruments as a manufacturing shift supervisor. He spent the next 15 years with Texas Instruments in various manufacturing and operational roles around 24/7 semiconductor manufacturing involved in managing workforce productivity, safety and efficiency in challenging work environments. Mr. Wichmann's tenure at Texas Instruments included a total of 7 years designing, building and establishing operations for wafer fabs in Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Mr. Wichmann graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a BSc in Engineering Physics.

David R. Lauriski Expert in Safety Culture at Work and Fatigue Management
David R. Lauriski
Research Development Coordinator

David R. Lauriski, Research Development Coordinator

David is responsible for overseeing and executing research and writing projects, which includes content creation and synthesis for print publication as well as for Predictive Safety’s blog; coordinating and preparing proposals and applications for grant funding opportunities; coordinating grant-funded research and development projects; and writing product descriptions and marketing copy.

Mr. Lauriski is also a member of the Executive Committee for the Health & Safety Division of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration.

Mr. Lauriski is an alumnus of the University of Denver and a graduate of the esteemed creative writing M.A. program at The City University in London, England, where his work was featured as part of a talent showcase at London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

Before joining Predictive Safety, Mr. Lauriski spent a decade in higher education, first in administrative staff positions with the Office of the Registrar at the University of Denver, followed by faculty positions teaching composition, foundational rhetoric, and library research at Community College of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Dave Lauriski Expert in Maintain Workplace Safety and Fatigue Management
Dave D. Lauriski
CEO of Safety Solutions International, Inc.

Dave D. Lauriski, CEO of Safety Solutions International, Inc.

Dave D. Lauriski, CEO of Safety Solutions International, Inc., is a 45-year veteran of the mining industry and served as the seventh Assistant Secretary of Labor for the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), during whose tenure the US mining industry experienced its safest performance.

He is recognized throughout the world for his expertise in safety and health systems management. Mr. Lauriski and SSI’s international experience includes work across six continents and thirty countries, including Canada, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Indonesia, China, Poland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chile, India, Namibia, Nicaragua, and Australia. Mr. Lauriski also served as the U.S. employer representative to the International Labor Organization for the development of worldwide mine health and safety standards.

Mr. Lauriski is a member of the National Mining Association, the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, and is a former Chairman of the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining. He has been recognized by the Society of Mining Engineers with the prestigious Daniel C. Jackling award and the President’s Citation for his achievements toward a safer mining industry.

Tim Hobbs Expert in Accident Prevention and Crisis Management and Fatigue Management Plan
Tim Hobbs
Founder and CEO of Data Connect Corporation

Tim Hobbs, Founder and CEO of Data Connect Corporation

Tim Hobbs is founder and CEO of Data Connect Corporation, which specializes in data management and automation and document management solutions. Mr. Hobbs’ focus is to lead companies and organizations to improved lifestyles, relationships, and growth. He is always working on innovative and collaborative ventures to achieve the best customer, employee, and vendor experiences.

Mr. Hobbs holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Nuclear Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Hobbs’ entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in information technology, strategic insight, and operational acumen has earned him a strong reputation among his colleagues and customers.

Prior to founding Data Connect Corporation, Mr. Hobbs performed consulting for data processing centers and has written database search packages for law and medical applications. He currently serves on the Board of Small Giants Community, the Fifth Epochal Fellowship, and also the board of Urantia University.

Henry Bowles Expert in Impairment Testing and Workplace Safety Solutions
Henry Bowles
Board Member of Predictive Safety and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bowles-Langley Technology

Henry Bowles, Board Member of Predictive Safety and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bowles-Langley Technology

Henry Bowles is Board Member of Predictive Safety and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bowles-Langley Technology, a company that develops and markets systems for testing human brain performance. Henry co-developed the Impairment Test that is now owned by Predictive Safety and used in its fatigue risk management platform and its alertness test.

Prior to his involvement in the field of human performance, Henry started the manufacturing business Bowlux Furniture and a widely read architecture and art publication called Archetype Magazine and traveled extensively for Conde Naste on architectural photography assignments. Henry worked for Crowley Maritime in the late 1980’s in strategic planning and helped develop a plan to build double hull tankers.

Henry founded Double H Tankers to develop advanced designs for tankers and associated technology. In collaboration with Dr. Ted Langley, Henry developed a number of computer-based tests to check employees’ level of alertness who were engaged in dangerous and critical tasks. He and Dr. Theodore Langley incorporated Bowles-Langley Technology, Inc. which has conducted government-supported (NIH, NIOSH) research to perfect an alertness testing system. Henry holds 3 US Patents in alertness testing technology.

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