Find out how much AlertMeter® can save your company:

Fill in the light blue fields with the number of users you would like to onboard and the amount you've spent on safety costs in the past year.  Your savings will be calculated in the navy blue fields.
*The provided default values are based on 50 users at a typical industrial company with cost averages provided by the National Council on Compensation Insurance.

1-2 Year Returns at Companies Using AlertMeter®:


decrease 2

Worker's Compensation Claims Down By



decrease 2

Drug Testing Costs Down By



decrease 2

Accident Costs Down By



decrease 2

Accident Severity Down By



decrease 2

Employee Turnover Down By



decrease 2

TRIR Down By



We think the AlertMeter® is the best bang for the buck of any of our safety practices.  

-Safety Director of a Transportation Company


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