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5 Best Practices for Handling Outside-Normal-Range AlertMeter Scores

 AlertMeter® is sensitive to a number of issues that diminish alertness. When an employee's AlertMeter® performance suggests that he or she may be experiencing diminished alertness and may be...

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A Simple Reason for an Honest Purpose

My best friend was killed in a work-related incident in August of 2008. He was 26 years old. It is both easy and difficult to reflect on that day and the way that my life has been impacted since....

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What Are Fatigue Countermeasures?

Generally, a countermeasure is an action taken to reduce or avoid the effects of an undesirable condition or situation. In managing fatigue, appropriate countermeasures can help improve alertness,...

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AlertMeter® & Drug Testing: A Value Comparison

 A large company was interested to know how AlertMeter® compared to their drug testing program in terms of value, including cost, and the return on the investment in each. Although every company is...

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The Needs that Alertness Testing Fills

The benefits of managing fatigue and monitoring for impairment are becoming more widely recognized, especially as technological innovations like AlertMeter® make the benefits easily accessible. These...

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Does AlertMeter® Fit in Your Industry?

Some employers and safety pros might assume that AlertMeter® alertness testing is intended and appropriate only for certain industries, like those in which employees clock in and out in the same...

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