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5 Ways Cognitive Impairment Testing Helps Manage Legalized Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana across many states and countries has left safety-sensitive businesses wondering how to manage marijuana use without dismissing current workers or disqualifying hundreds...

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3 Critical Workplace Initiatives to Overcome Labor Shortages

Amazon's Cannabis Testing Announcement Last week, Amazon announced that they would remove marijuana from their pre-employment drug testing policy for non-DOT regulated positions.  Instead, they will...

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Amazon, Labor Shortages, and Testing for Cannabis

Today, Amazon announced that it will significantly curb its use of pre-employment drug tests for marijuana.  As one the largest employers in the world, this means thousands of workers will no longer...

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Legalized Marijuana and Workplace Drug Testing: Complete Guide

How is legalized marijuana affecting workplaces?  How does marijuana affect cognition? How does marijuana affect short-term memory? How does marijuana affect decision-making and judgment? How does...

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4 Steps to Fatigue Risk Management

4 steps to fatigue risk management Workplace fatigue awareness has been on the rise ever since fatigue was found to be a contributing factor in incidents like the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the...

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10 Tips to Manage Workplace Fatigue

What is Workplace Fatigue? Recent Workplace Fatigue Statistics and Research Symptoms of Workplace fatigue  Workplace Fatigue Management  10 Tips to Manage Workplace Fatigue Conclusion   what is...

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