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7 Characteristics of a Positive Safety Culture at Work

What is Safety Culture?  The concept of safety culture has gained more attention in high-hazard industries as more safety practitioners see the influence that workers’ attitudes and behaviors have on...

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The Disadvantages of Drug Testing and The Best Tool to Overcome Them

Are you part of the 56% of U.S. employers who pay for pre-employment drug tests, or randomly drug test employees?  U.S. companies pay $3,750,500,000 annually in pre-employment drug testing costs....

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The Simple Coronavirus Tip That Everyone's Ignoring

In the fight against coronavirus, there’s something even more essential to our safety than wearing a face mask or keeping 6-feet from everyone else in the grocery store.  And, according to the CDC,...

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The 7 Types of Memory and How to Improve Them

Most people probably don't know (or care) that we have 7 different types of memory. If your job involves critical tasks that require optimum cognitive functioning, however, you should know about how...

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10 Ways to Increase Your Attention Span and Increase Productivity

As technology changes the way we work, learn, and relax, more and more people are looking for ways to remedy their short attention spans. With instant information and instant entertainment, we rarely...

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5 Most Common Problems in Managing Remote Teams

As the world adjusts to working from home, the challenges and benefits of remote work are becoming increasingly clear. Previous research has shown that remote teams are generally happier and more...

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