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4 Signs You Need to Give Your Workers a Break

When businesses struggle, workers suffer.  Whether it's staff shortages, increased demand, poor leadership, poor planning, or other conditions outside your control, it's important to ensure your...

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New Partnership: Global Virus Pass and Predictive Safety Join Forces

Predictive Safety, the maker of AlertMeter and PRISM, fatigue and alertness management software has partnered with Global Virus Pass, an app that provides virus screening and mitigation that was...

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7 Best Fleet Safety Technologies

Between 2018 and 2019, the number of fatalities involving large trucks (those over 10,000 pounds), rose by 1%, the highest level in 30 years. Of these fatal accidents, 32.3% involved at least one...

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Night-Shift Tips to Boost Safety and Productivity in the Workplace

Shift-Workers  15% of the U.S. full-time workforce works shifts outside the typical 9-5 day schedule. These workers are at increased risk of fatigue and shift-work disorder. (sleepfoundation.org)...

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16 Plane Crashes Caused By Fatigued Aircrew

In 2011, an Air Canada pilot woke up from his mid-flight nap. Dazed from his nap, he confused the planet Venus for another aircraft and, thinking they were going to collide, put the jet into a...

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3 Ways Great Operations Managers Increase Productivity And Safety At Work

While many of us spent the last few months lounging blissfully in our homes, sipping coffee out of our favorite mugs and tapping away on our laptops, we felt fortunate that the “new normal” didn’t...

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