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Middle Managers: It's Your Job to Introduce New Safety Measures

An organization's middle managers can—and should—be the greatest advocates for the safety of the front line personnel. Openness to new technologies and best practices is key to that advocacy, as well...

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COVID-19: 5-Minute Safety Check for Essential Businesses

As businesses struggle to adjust to life under COVID-19, nurses and doctors remain on the front-lines, risking their lives to save others. Recent headlines read, "Doctors in Wuhan break down crying...

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How to Use Technology to Support Positive Work Culture

Drug testing’s limitations as a safety measure have long been firmly established. Yet despite experiencing these limitations, companies have tended to continue relying on drug testing, considering it...

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3 Blind Spots in the Management of Change

Making beneficial changes to a safety system often appears straightforward. But when implementing the changes get underway, organizations often encounter snags and obstacles that impede the change's...

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2 Things AlertMeter Users Should Be Doing Right Now

Two ways AlertMeter™ will help right now! Here at AlertMeter™, we understand that many people have jobs that require them to remain in the workplace or in public through the COVID-19 containment, and...

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Whose Job Is It? The Shared Responsibility for Safety with AlertMeter

You may be surprised to learn that a fit-for-work program using AlertMeter® can support and enhance the responsibility for safety that everyone shares--not only among the front-line employee users,...

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