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A Real Accident Prevention Plan

Avoiding Accidents vs. Preventing Accidents All people and animals are reactive by nature—We sense stimuli, and our brains process these stimuli and prompt reaction in thought or behavior. As such,...

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How AlertMeter® Fits into a Workplace Drug or Alcohol Testing Program

We’re often asked how AlertMeter® fits in an existing drug and alcohol testing program in a workplace, so here are a couple of real stories about how companies are using AlertMeter® in coordination...

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5 Common Causes of Workplace Safety Incidents

Through its extensive research of the American workforce, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of the causes and natures of worker injuries. Although the most common causes of injury might...

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Managing Safety through Workplace Fatigue Data

Worker Fatigue Affects Safety, Job Performance, and Morale The National Safety Council reports that fatigue contributes to 13% of workplace injuries. Given the demands of round-the-clock shift...

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Leading vs. Trailing Indicators

What Are Trailing Indicators? Occupational safety systems commonly rely on measuring trailing indicators to assess their safety performance. Trailing indicators, also known as lagging indicators, are...

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Will Employees Buy-in to Impairment Testing?

Recently I visited one of our customer companies and began talking with a long-time employee. She was telling me about the random drug testing that they used to do, and how the mood of the building...

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