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Two ways AlertMeter™ will help right now!

Here at AlertMeter™, we understand that many people have jobs that require them to remain in the workplace or in public through the COVID-19 containment, and we want to help them stay safe. 

As your partners in Alertness Management, we’d like to suggest two important pieces of guidance for your employees.

  1. If you’re using the AlertMeter™ in your workplace, increase the number of times your employees use the test.  It doesn’t hurt to take an extra 60 seconds after lunch, and/or a quick check-in prior to heading home.
    You’ve heard us say that those who are the most fatigued or out of sorts are usually the last to notice, and people who are starting to get sick fit right in to that category.
  2. Encourage your employees to get enough sleep.  A good sleep allows our bodies to manufacture the necessary elements for a good immune response.   It’s one of the best things we can do to stay healthy.  

In the meantime, be extra nice to health care workers and order take-out from your local restaurant!  We’re all nervous about the future, but they could really use the support right now.