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Some employers and safety pros might assume that AlertMeter® alertness testing is intended and appropriate only for certain industries, like those in which employees clock in and out in the same place, or in which employees must have a certain degree of autonomy, or in which safety risk from fatigue and impairment is visibly extreme. But the fact is AlertMeter® is not industry-specific. AlertMeter® can be used in a way that not only makes sense for your industry but for your unique company and the diverse employees within it.

Two Important Qualities

AlertMeter®’s adaptability across industries is made possible by two important qualities. The first is the test’s brevity. At 60 to 90 seconds, it is far shorter than other types of cognitive assessment and therefore more apt for occupational settings and associated time constraints. The second quality is its intended use on common mobile technology like smartphones and tablets. This means that workplaces can use either type of technology for their employees, whether their employees clock in at a single worksite, travel between worksites, do a combination of both, or drive all the time.

Deployment Examples

A common setup for single-worksite employees, like manufacturing facility workers, is to take their pre-shift AlertMeter® tests as they clock in at their workplaces on AlertMeter®-dedicated tablets mounted on the wall, on a table, or on stands.

One option for employees who travel between worksites is to provide them AlertMeter®-dedicated tablets that they share among the members of their crews, like in healthcare, mining, construction, and oil & gas.

For employees who principally drive or operate mobile equipment, the smartphone app version of AlertMeter® is an easy option because employees can simply use their own smartphones to complete their tests at the designated times. AlertMeter® needs only access to the server via wi-fi or data connection, even if the connection might be slow. This setup may be appropriate for drivers and operators in healthcare, mining, oil & gas, maritime, construction, and of course, transportation/logistics.

AlertMeter®’s Admin Control Panel gives you the ability to determine which AlertMeter® version—the tablet version or the smartphone app version—makes sense for your entire workforce, certain crews, or even individual employees, if necessary.

Peace of Mind about Employees' State of Mind

AlertMeter® represents the new standard for ensuring fitness for work on a daily basis, and your company can see the benefits too. No matter what industry you’re in, let’s talk.

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