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Even with shift scheduling optimization and devices to detect drowsy workers, companies still struggle with workers’ lack of alertness. The challenge is in managing what we already know to be true – fatigue can create serious safety risks. But now, historical, lagging data can be used to create predictive, leading data to reduce accidents by over 35% in mining communities and other work environments.

Join former MSHA Assistant Secretary of Labor David Lauriski, and safety award winning legal counsel Mark Savit for their insight on how Alertness Technology can help your company manage the final frontier in safety – human behavior.

The Presenters:


Dave Lauriski- Partner in Predictive Safety and CEO of Safety Solutions International
Former Assistant Secretary of Labor in charge of the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration.






Mark Savit- Partner in Predictive Safety and Legal Counsel in Health & Safety Law
Awards include: H.L. Boling Award and the Highest Degree of Safety, North America Award from the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals for his work in the field of mine safety.



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