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Impairment testing and fatigue management have begun to gain acceptance in the workplace safety and productivity arena as the connection between safety and performance is becoming more widely recognized. But unlike Predictive Safety's AlertMeter® and PRISM platforms, other fitness-for-duty tools often focus on measuring biomarkers that provide information that is a step or two removed from the information that is desired, and this is simply confirmation that employees are unimpaired at work. 

Such biomarkers measured by these more invasive tools include things like blood pressure, heart rate, and subtle changes to eye movement, and making use of the data can be difficult or complicated. Supervisors and safety staff often need more than a little training to understand, interpret, and act upon the data provided by these kinds of tools. Company leadership and safety professionals need something that is simple to understand, is straightforward to use, and provides a measure of what supervisors need to measure: cognitive performance.

AlertMeter® can quickly and easily provide such a measure, before a fatigued or otherwise impaired worker can pose a risk to him or herself, to coworkers, or to expensive equipment. For workplaces with shift cycles, the PRISM fatigue management system, which incorporates AlertMeter®, uses circadian science and users' input to calculate when shift workers have heightened risk of fatigue so countermeasures can be applied to keep them alert and safe. Protecting employees' safety and productivity from the various causes of non-alertness does not have to rely on biometrics and employees' health data, which shift supervisors and safety professionals may be disinclined to monitor. Instead, managing employee performance to create a safe and productive workplace can be achieved through monitoring employee performance itself through tools like AlertMeter® and PRISM. 

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Learn more about PRISM    Ideal for shift environments

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