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AlertMeter® & Drug Testing: A Value Comparison

 A large company was interested to know how AlertMeter® compared to their drug testing program in terms of value, including cost, and the return on the investment in each. Although every company is...

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The Needs that Alertness Testing Fills

The benefits of managing fatigue and monitoring for impairment are becoming more widely recognized, especially as technological innovations like AlertMeter® make the benefits easily accessible. These...

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Does AlertMeter® Fit in Your Industry?

Some employers and safety pros might assume that AlertMeter® alertness testing is intended and appropriate only for certain industries, like those in which employees clock in and out in the same...

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Overlooked Sources of Fatigue Risk

A report by the National Safety Council illustrates that over two-thirds of employees in all industries have reported feeling tired while at work.1 Half of employers in all industries have reported...

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Fatigue in the Workplace: Myths vs. Realities

Even though there is plenty of information showing the serious risk that fatigue presents, it is not commonly recognized as the significant risk to safety and productivity that it really is--at least...

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Alertness Testing and Drug Testing, Side-by-Side

You may be curious: Exactly how does alertness testing with AlertMeter compare and contrast with drug testing? What kinds of information does each test provide? Which has a greater impact on...

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