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How Cognitive Impairment Testing Can Improve Your Drug Testing Program

Cannabis has been legalized in our state. How do we adjust our drug-testing program to avoid penalizing workers for legal consumption that does not impact their alertness and safety at work?    Our...

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5 Ways Cognitive Impairment Testing Helps Manage Legalized Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana across many states and countries has left safety-sensitive businesses wondering how to manage marijuana use without dismissing current workers or disqualifying hundreds...

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3 Critical Workplace Initiatives to Overcome Labor Shortages

Amazon's Cannabis Testing Announcement Last week, Amazon announced that they would remove marijuana from their pre-employment drug testing policy for non-DOT regulated positions.  Instead, they will...

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Amazon, Labor Shortages, and Testing for Cannabis

Today, Amazon announced that it will significantly curb its use of pre-employment drug tests for marijuana:  As one the largest employers in the world, this means thousands of workers will no longer...

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Legalized Marijuana and Workplace Drug Testing: Complete Guide

How is legalized marijuana affecting workplaces?  How does marijuana affect cognition? How does marijuana affect short-term memory? How does marijuana affect decision-making and judgment? How does...

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4 Steps to Fatigue Risk Management

4 steps to fatigue risk management Workplace fatigue awareness has been on the rise ever since fatigue was found to be a contributing factor in incidents like the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the...

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