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3 False Impressions about Safety in Your Workplace

Often, efforts toward continuous safety improvement get discarded because of what we prefer to believe about our workforce's fitness for duty, rather than what we actually know about it. Here are...

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Why a Company Chooses AlertMeter®

This narrative is based on actual AlertMeter® customer experiences. A Supervisor's Plight A foreman for a large construction and engineering company named Mitchell supervises a crew of about thirty...

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Would You Let Your Employees Work While Drunk?

If you employ or supervise people, especially in a safety-sensitive industry, the answer is an unequivocal "no." And this is exactly why you need proactive fatigue management in your workplace....

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Need to Weed Out Impaired Employees? Here's Why Drug Testing Isn't Enough

Many believe drug testing programs are the only way to prevent impaired employees from posing a safety risk. This belief has been long justified because drug testing has been a staple of human...

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Spring Ahead, Fall Back: Remember, Your Body Has a Clock Too

Spring ahead Studies have shown that a greater number of accidents occur in the few days after the clocks change in the Spring or Fall than occur on average the rest of the year. When the clocks...

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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Manage Fatigue and Impairment (Part 2)

There are numerous reasons why managing fatigue and impairment in your workplace is key to enhancing safety, performance, and employee morale. Here are the final three in a list of six that are not...

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