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Overlooked Sources of Fatigue Risk

A report by the National Safety Council illustrates that over two-thirds of employees in all industries have reported feeling tired while at work.1 Half of employers in all industries have reported...

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Fatigue in the Workplace: Myths vs. Realities

Even though there is plenty of information showing the serious risk that fatigue presents, it is not commonly recognized as the significant risk to safety and productivity that it really is--at least...

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Alertness Testing and Drug Testing, Side-by-Side

You may be curious: Exactly how does alertness testing with AlertMeter compare and contrast with drug testing? What kinds of information does each test provide? Which has a greater impact on...

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3 False Impressions about Safety in Your Workplace

Often, efforts toward continuous safety improvement get discarded because of what we prefer to believe about our workforce's fitness for duty, rather than what we actually know about it. Here are...

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Why a Company Chooses AlertMeter®

This narrative is based on actual AlertMeter® customer experiences. A Supervisor's Plight A foreman for a large construction and engineering company named Mitchell supervises a crew of about thirty...

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Would You Let Your Employees Work While Drunk?

If you employ or supervise people, especially in a safety-sensitive industry, the answer is an unequivocal "no." And this is exactly why you need proactive fatigue management in your workplace....

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