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Get a Solution that Sticks

We often see companies pouring money and effort into Fatigue Management, only for employees to revert back to familiar detrimental habits. Success in a fatigue risk management system isn't just about the trainers you hire or the software you adopt, it's about integrating it into your company culture. This guide walks you through how to put the power of change into workers' hands.

    • Empower employees through fatigue management education.
    • Predict fatigue before it happens - fatigue affects workers long before they realize that they're getting drowsy. 
    • Give employees options for self-management, your plan should never just contain one solution.
    • Track data. You can't manage what you can't measure. 

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Predictive Safety Client Testimonial
"What you guys are doing is like going from the Model T straight to the Tesla Roadster." - Mike Quinn, Safety & Health Professional / Army & Air Force Veteran