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predictive, not reactive

PRISM™ uses a proprietary algorithm based on human chronobiology to predict when fatigue will occur. It alerts individual employees of when they will become fatigued. Our studies show that PRISM™ is accurate in calculating and predicting real-time episodes of fatigue up to four hours before they occur.

The platform uses bio-mathematical models based on scientific understanding of the factors that contribute to fatigue. The PRISM™ algorithm also accounts for numerous other variables to predict fatigue, such as sleep opportunity, sleep quality, and shift schedule factors.

The PRISM™ platform then offers countermeasures—actions such as breaks, food or drink, moderate caffeine, brief light exercise, check-ins with supervisors, and so on—to mitigate the effects of fatigue. In the case of unexpected events outside the work environment, PRISM™ gives employees an option to "test out" with an alertness evaluation, so that their present fatigue levels can be more accurately assessed.


PRISM™ provides remarkable and valuable information about your workforce through predictive analytics informed by a number of data streams and employee survey results. In addition to improving safety significantly, PRISM™ raises employee morale and improves shift attendance. As a result, productivity is enhanced along with safety, day-to-day.

Maximum Efficiency

Fatigue is a universal problem impacting every workplace. Keeping employees alert is key to keeping them safe. It is also essential to maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Accidents Reduced by 35%

Two to three hours before fatigue symptoms begin to influence performance and cognition, the process by which fatigue sets in has already begun. PRISM™ alerts the employee in advance of these symptoms so he or she can mitigate the onset of fatigue through countermeasures and self-awareness.

Easy and Automatic

The system continuously updates each employee's status, and then it predicts when each of their conditions will downgrade in relation to their shift or overtime. It even notifies supervisors of which employees may soon be entering a fatigue state.

Customized for Your Organization

Every application of PRISM™ reflects specific needs of the work environment in which it is installed. We encourage a pilot program for every new relationship, allowing for optimization of the platform's integration process. During such a pilot, important information is collected which facilitates implementing the system on a larger scale.
Evaluation of Fatigue Management Systems: A Study of PRISM™

Click here for the comprehensive scientific evaluation of the PRISM™ fatigue management system in a real work environment!


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