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Four Steps to Successful Fatigue Risk Management

Our first guide is ready to help you and your team manage fatigue at every level of your organization. Simply fill out the form to the right and you'll receive your free copy of our "Four Steps to Successful Fatigue Risk Management Guide". Enjoy!

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10 Ways to mange worker fatigue

There are a myriad of contributing factors that lead to dangerous worker fatigue every day. From the clear, like lack of sleep; to the obscure, like environmental factors. Download our guide to worker fatigue to get insights straight from our team of experts on how to combat fatigue and make your business a safer, more productive place

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Using training gamification to raise safety awareness

Using Training Gamification to Raise Safety Awareness

Playing “brain games” can improve employees’ retention and recall of crucial safety training content, overcoming some limitations of traditional safety training methods. In this paper you'll learn about some of the shortcomings of traditional safety training and see how you can use gamification at your work sites to improve safety.

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Predictive Safety’s PRISM fatigue management system provides prediction and tracking to help individuals and their supervisors get in front of fatigue. Using a proprietary predictive algorithm and automated tracking system, it alerts them to upcoming fatigue and then helps them manage it in advance through an automated system.

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The AlertMeter® alertness test is a fast and easy graphic test taken on a touchscreen tablet or smartphone that lasts less than 90 seconds. The interface displays different shapes that the user must identify accurately and quickly. The patented design does not simulate any particular job function but challenges a number of key brain functions that are necessary for all jobs.

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