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Behavior Profiling Workplace Safety Solutions

Behavior Profiling

Covers the foundations of individual behavior including: attitudes and personality, values, motivation, and personal decision-making. Exercises are conducted to profile behavior patterns among your workforce and a management system is presented to assist your organization’s hiring efforts and effectively manage worker behavior.

Leadership Development Workplace Safety Solutions

Leadership Development

Basic approaches to leadership are introduced with an emphasis on the difference between management and leadership. Related concepts are also explored including communication, power, conflict, etc. Special attention is given to the importance of visible safety leadership, which can be applied across all levels of your organization.

Organization strategies Workplace Safety Solutions

Organization strategies

Introduces the foundations of group behavior and structural factors affecting safety performance and work production. Concepts covered include: work specialization, chain-of-command, span of control, formalization, and other structural elements of your work environment.

Creating safety culture Workplace Safety Solutions

Creating safety culture

Various characteristics of occupational culture are introduced here. The organization’s values are revisited in an effort to identify strategies to promote a positive safety culture. Specific change elements are covered including: barriers to organizational change, technology, and generational differences.

BLOC Program Industries

The BLOC Program was developed by Dr. Lori Guasta, a recognized researcher and instructor with industry experience who specializes in organizational behavior, culture, and safety leadership. As a clinical sociologist, Dr. Guasta analyzes group structure and interaction within organizations of various sorts to assist in developing new directions and desired changes for the group.

BLOC training spans 3 days, but can be customized for 1- and 2-day short course versions. A combination of lecture, video, individual, and small-group activities offer participants a unique opportunity to connect with the material and directly apply lessons to their everyday experience across the organization. Training is also customized for various audiences including: safety professionals, supervisors, mid-to-senior level managers, and corporate leaders.