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Predictive Safety's network of associates combine hundreds of years of experience in occupational safety and have conducted safety assessments, audits, training, and related services for companies worldwide.

CORESafety Program

Predictive Safety's associates are known leaders in NMA CORESafety assessments and can provide the knowledge you need to achieve conformance.

Fatigue Management Training

Fatigue is a universal problem that impacts every workplace. Keeping employees alert is the most important factor in keeping them safe and an essential element in maximizing productivity.

The BLOC Program

The Behavior, Leadership, & Organizational Culture (BLOC) Program is a unique, leading-edge approach to positively impacting all levels of your organization.
Our other services
General Health & Safety Consulting and Training

Our network of associates combine hundreds of years of experience in safety and health across numerous occupational industries. Examples of general consulting services that we regularly perform include safety and health benchmarking, risk analysis, physical safety audits (inspections) and health and safety management system assessments for OHSAS 18001:2007 and CORESafety.

Our safety and health training services are broad in scope. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, emergency response training (including tabletop exercises and drills), incident investigation techniques, and hazard identification and risk management procedures.

Incident Management & Compliance Assistance

We provide support through incident investigations and analyses of root causes and contributing factors. Assistance is also provided in determining best approaches toward statutory and regulatory compliance.

Safety Planning & Emergency Preparedness

Our associates can evaluate and assist in developing emergency preparedness plans and long-term safety processes and solutions focused on achieving your organization's health and safety objectives.

Subject Matter Expert & Litigation Assistance

Internal research projects and best practices consultations provide clients an objective and informed perspective concerning a wide range of safety and health topics. Our associates have served as external subject matter experts for design feasibility, internal peer reviews, and Failure, Modes, and Effects Analysis (FMEA) projects.

Behavioral Assessments & Safety Culture Surveys

These surveys assess organizational climate and behavior to provide recommendations for improving worker engagement and enhanced understanding of an organization's culture leading toward optimal production and safety performance.

Occupational Safety & Health Maturity Assessments

We construct and administer a remote survey across operations to determine an organization's safety and health maturity level, culminating in a report of findings, including recommendations. The initial survey can be customized based on the client's interests; however, standard categories include leadership commitment, strategic importance of health and safety, safety management system, organizational buy-in, safety staff and resources, training, and technology. The assessment output for the Health and Safety Maturity Model includes four phases ranging from Phase I (Immediate Action Needed) to Phase IV (Maturity Actualized).

NFPA 70E & OSHA Electrical Safety Training

A class designed specifically for electricians, technicians, engineers, contractors, vendors, service, and management personnel desiring training on NFPA 70E and OHSA standards and regulations for electrical safety in the workplace.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

A site assessment and data collection process to determine the incident energy available if an arc flash occurs while workers are exposed to electrical equipment. This process also identifies the minimum safe working distance (arc-flash boundary) from the equipment and the appropriate PPE required to avoid a permanent injury from an arc-flash. Conducting a full arc-flash hazard analysis and training helps to reduce or eliminate as many of the potential arc-flash hazards identified in the analysis.



Predictive Safety represents the leading edge of safety training and assessments because we understand the needs and challenges of the modern safety-sensitive workplace. We can help you go beyond compliance and make safety a core value of your business.
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