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Using training gamification to raise safety awareness.png

Break the Cycle,
Improve Retention

Traditional safety training has lost its efficacy. Employees oftentimes dread the process and are disengaged. As a result, companies fall into the cycle of incidents happening and then having to re-train. The issue isn't in the training content, but rather in the delivery method. 

Training gamification breaks that cycle by creating a surrogate for actual experiences that provide rich learning opportunities.

      • Shy away from traditional sit-and-listen classroom lessons. Offer instead an interactive experience to increase engagement.
      • Embrace modern technology by incorporating mobile lessons.
      • Offer flexibility. Allow safety training to take various forms, from puzzles to training scenarios.
      • Shift worker perception on safety training from a tedious chore to an important, helpful and even enjoyable process.

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Predictive Safety Client Testimonial
"What you guys are doing is like going from the Model T straight to the Tesla Roadster." - Mike Quinn, Safety & Health Professional / Army & Air Force Veteran