Workplace Solutions for Human Performance

Safety, Risk Management, and Productivity Solutions

Predictive Safety sets a new standard for safety and human performance for individuals, organizations, and entire industries. With powerful predictive analytics, we help our clients increase safety, reduce risk, and optimize performance with tools that assess fitness for work and can efficiently address fatigue and alertness issues before they can pose a risk.

Utilizing Predictive Analytics to build a new safety
standard for individuals, organizations, and industries

Increase safety in oil and gas.

Mitigate fatigue risk and enhance safety and production at the oilfield.

Make your oil & gas facility safer

Help reduce risk throughout
your healthcare facility.

Reduce errors in patient care and enhance wellness among your care providers.

Make your healthcare facility safer

Reducing mine incidents and
mineral management risks.

Manage fatigue, enhance production, and improve safety leadership at your operation.

Make your mining facility safer

Reduce incidents and optimize performance
at your manufacturing plant.

Protect your skilled employees through fatigue management and alertness monitoring.

Make your manufacturing plant safer

Increase safety for your drivers.

Ensure your drivers are alert and ready for the road.

Increase safety for your transportation business

Increase safety and reduce risk
when workers are onboard.

Establish a new standard for safety among your fishing boat, tug, ferry, and barge operators.

Increase safety with your maritime workers

Increase safety on the construction site.

Diminish the consequences of fatigue and impairment at your building sites.

Make your construction site safer

AlertMeter Testimonial by VForge

The owner and employees of AlertMeter customer Vforge in Lakewood, Colorado talk about the changes that AlertMeter has created at their workplace.

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