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Are your workers intoxicated, fatigued, ill, distracted? AlertMeter® will find out and let you know before an incident can happen.

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Thousands of workers show up to work every day with invisible cognitive impairments and cause destructive and costly incidents. AlertMeter® is the only reliable tool that helps safety supervisors identify daily impairment risk before incidents can happen.


What is AlertMeter®?

AlertMeter® is a 60-second cognitive alertness test that employees take before shifts, during shifts, or before critical tasks. It identifies safety risk due to fatigue, illness, emotional distress, intoxication, dehydration, and more. Safety supervisors get a notification when a worker needs extra attention in order to complete their tasks safely.


What's the test like?

Shapes rotate on the screen.  Workers quickly scan and tap on the shape that is different from all the others.  Among other fit-for-work variables, this measures the ability to focus and react quickly to stimuli.


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What results can you  expect?

  1. Your workers will have greater responsibility and accountability for their own safety.
  2. You'll be able to give attention to the workers who need it, when they need it.
  3. You'll be the leader of a safer, happier, and more productive workforce.

Is it valid? 

✔ Based on science by NASA and US Military
Invented in response to Exxon Valdez incident
✔ Research and development funded by NIOSH
✔ Validated by NIOSH clinical testing 
70+ million user hours tracked and studied
Proven effective and reliable in any industry

33,221 Workers Proactive Every Day


33,221 workers around the globe clock in with AlertMeter® every day. They have defeated the reactive safety system. The system that solves problems after safety incidents happen. The system that spends millions on accident costs, drug-testing, and worker's comp claims.  The system that has to nag workers to be safe. The system that leads to an injured worker every 7 seconds. 

Our 33,221 users start work every day with the visibility, accountability, and responsibility they need to actively prevent incidents, reduce costs, and maximize performance all day every day. 

Keeping Workers Safe Shouldn't be a Struggle

Safety professionals have a lot of pressure and responsibility. You prevent safety violations and incidents. To do so, you need the support and cooperation of other managers, financial officers, and HR. You need your workers to be responsible for their own safety and follow safety policy even when you're not there. 

AlertMeter® takes the pressure off you to be everywhere, see everything, and discipline everyone. It adds critical visibility so you can focus on the workers who need you the most, and places safety responsibility throughout the workforce so you can trust they're being safe even when you're not there. 

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Safety Culture in the Workplace and Workplace Safety Solutions

Financial Department

Up to 90% reduction in drug-testing costs; up to 70% reduction in worker’s comp claims;  projected 35% overall cost reduction.  

Impairment Testing and Safety Culture in the Workplace

supervisors and

Boost morale and productivity as well as safety: Increased worker focus; up to 11% increase in productivity;  35%
reduction in employee turnover; up to 68% reduction in accident severity;   increased visibility and communication; more positivity all around.  

Fatigue Management Plan and Accident Prevention


Workers get to know  their co-workers are fit to work safely beside them.  They benefit from  a more positive, empathetic safety leadership and culture.   They get to stay in-tune with their own cognitive  functioning and  improve it in their daily lives. 

AlertMeter Accident Prevention and Crisis Management and Workplace Safety Test
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Our customers love that the AlertMeter® is:

  • language-neutral (no need to speak English)
  • non-invasive (unlike drug testing)
  • super quick and simple (just 60 seconds!)
  • unlimited tests (take it whenever)
  • accessible on smartphone (take it wherever)
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Safety risk reduction begins the second workers step on site and continues in real-time until they go home. 
When workers arrive on-site, they take the AlertMeter test on company tablets or their own smartphones.  It takes 10 initial tests for the AlertMeter to recognize each user's normal level of alertness and individual cognitive behavior. After that, the test will accurately identify when they're outside their normal range of alertness. 
The designated supervisor or manager on-site will be automatically notified if a worker is outside of his normal range of alertness, or is behaving unusually.
The designated supervisor or manager will meet with the worker face-to-face, discuss a way to remedy their alertness, and determine whether they will need to be reassigned to a non-safety sensitive task until their alertness level is normal. 



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Getting the AlertMeter® Into Your Company Is as Easy as 1-2-3! (4-5)

schedule a demo

Meet with one of our safety experts. Together, determine the best plan for your industry, your workers, your budget, and your specific challenges.


Download the AlertMeter

Choose your device--company-provided tablets, or individual workers' smartphones. Then, download the AlertMeter app. Login with the provided credentials.


Take the

Each user must take 10 tests (3 max/day) to establish a "baseline of alertness." Then, they will receive one of three results after completing the test--OK, Guarded, or Outside Normal Range.



Instantly get notified when a worker's alertness level is dangerously outside of their normal range. This typically implies severe fatigue, illness, or emotional distress and is a strong indicator of an oncoming safety incident.


Save Money, Save Lives

Say hello to your new positive safety culture: Reduced safety incidents; Increased productivity; Increased proactivity; reduced accident severity, reduced accident costs, we could go on.