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Reduce fatigue in your workplace with a  fatigue risk assessment.

We identify   risk zones  so you  can optimize worker performance and improve safety.

$130 billion.


That's the amount US employers pay each year  due to fatigue-related lost productivity.


If you are a safety-sensitive industry with shift-workers, a fatigue risk assessment will give your workplace the insights you need to:

• curb fatigue risk

• increase safety

• reduce fatigue-related costs

• boost efficiency and productivity



How does it work?

We review your organization's shift schedules using leading-edge circadian science and our patented PRISM Fatigue Risk algorithm.

Then, we compare your shift schedules to shift guidelines derived from the principles of circadian science and validated in high-risk occupational environments. 



We analyze:

• Shift patterns and how they impact circadian rhythms

• How breaks are organized

• What countermeasures are offered to employees for fatigue mitigation

• Commute times for employees

• Hydration and nutrition options during shift

• Temperatures in workspaces

• Cursory review of employee health issues for "fit for duty" risks

• Additional factors related to worker lifestyle



You get:

• A fatigue heat map displaying fatigue areas within each schedule

• Specific fatigue risk zones within your shifts

• The percentage of fatigue risk by job title and schedule

• Recovery time afforded by specific shift patterns

• The fatigue risk impact of shift pressure

• An overall fatigue risk summary

• Insights and recommendations to reduce fatigue risk within existing schedules and policies




✔️We've performed over 200  fatigue  risk analyses for companies in industries ranging from healthcare to energy to mining. 

✔️Our analyses are based on circadian science and advanced bio-mathematical  modeling technology.

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