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Reviews From Companies Like Yours

Since getting AlertMeter®, our safety culture has improved. Everyone is looking out for everyone else a little bit more...We've really enjoyed it and shown it to some of our friends. Our worker's comp guys love it.


Sarah Willcutts Andersen's Sales and Salvage


The AlertMeter® has been a great tool in aiding NorthWestern Energy in its procedure and reporting requirements to comply with the CFR 192.631 Control Room Management rules with regards to fatigue mitigation. The instant feedback has proven valuable to our operators, and has given us an objective metric as a company to improve our operation's visibility for fatigue risk.


Jaison Carriger, Supervisor of Gas Control Northwestern Energy

northwestern energy-1

Predictive Safety is a company with integrity and respect for diversity. They are a high performance company and working with them has been great . . . I personally can recommend them for any project.


Estelle van Aarde, Wellness Advisor Anglo American Sishen Mine


AlertMeter® from Predictive Safety does work. . . . I used AlertMeter® on an underground project and it was a great pre-shift fitness for duty tool. . . . Once the alert was given, the employee and the safety supervisor would meet and have a discussion to determine their fitness or level of alertness.


Tony Turcotte, CMSP MineWorx, LLC


What we liked most about how AlertMeter® aligned with our philosophy of the workforce was that culturally it was a shift in how we respected the employee and their well-being, and the regard for their safety when they came to work. And that is a different message and tone than the options we had in drug testing.


Jon Young, General Manager Vforge


AlertMeter®’s been great. The platform is really well aligned with our expectations and it allows us to have technology behind what our drivers are doing as well as compliance with DOT requirements.


Gary Anglesey, Director of Operations Savage Services


AlertMeter®'s been a huge asset for us. We have eliminated and reduced the number of injuries we’ve had on site. We have more of a confidence that our workforce is here, ready to work, their mind is in the game, and they don’t have any distractions. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that our employees are also engaged in the process, they have accepted it, and it’s now a culture for us.


Rod Fisher, General Manager Triple S Steel

triple s 2

We've seen a way to hire more thoughtful employees and are benefitting from a productivity uptick that aligns with how long AlertMeter® has been a system for us.


Jon Young, General Manager Vforge


What you guys are doing is like going from the Model T straight to the Tesla Roadster when comparing current urinalysis and breathalyzer testing to your product [AlertMeter®].


Mike Quinn Safety & Health Professional


The future of PRISM™ is bright, because as soon as managers and leaders grasp this, they'll realize that there's huge potential not only in health and safety but also in productivity.


Aart van den Brink, General Manager Anglo American Kolomela Mine


I am a true believer. The AlertMeter® has been pretty much spot on every time I have been overly fatigued or not feeling well. I honestly found it hard to believe the first few times, but it hasn't been wrong yet.


Paul Murphy, Vice President Global Virus Pass


AlertMeter® is an excellent tool for businesses looking for a real-time impairment testing solution . . . In the age of recreational marijuana, prescription drugs, alcohol use and workplace fatigue, determining an employee's cognitive ability and readiness for work has become complex and often requires more than a drug testing program alone.


Jim McMillen, Director of Safety Services Pinnacol Assurance


Our initial concern was two-fold: workers reporting without an adequate amount of sleep as well as a defense against substance impairment. We found the AlertMeter® to satisfy both of our needs. An added benefit has been that since employees know that they will be tested daily they are reporting to work in a better condition and ready to go to work.


Gary Ostermueller, General Manager Prudential Stainless & Alloys


PRISM™ has prevented a lot of injuries and encouraged employees to live a healthier lifestyle.


Annie Seleka Occupational Health Nurse


Our drivers are independent workers, which is part of our culture, and we encourage everyone to take the [AlertMeter®] test at any time during their shift so they can make sure they're able to stay focused.


Monte Jensen, SH&E Manager Savage Services