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What data is collected on this site?
While using this website several 3rd party applications may collect data about your browsing behaviors including: IP address, cookie identifiers, tracking pixels, website activity and personal data manually entered via forms. You should be aware that while using this site you may have cookies attached to help us personalize your browsing experience.

Who's collecting my data?
Currently third party services including: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, MailChimp, PureChat, AdRoll and Infusionsoft all have data collecting software operating on this website like: cookies, and tracking pixels.

What's my data being used for?
We use tracking and conversion data to help us tailor and refine the content on this website primarily. If you fill out a form on our site, then we will use that data to contact you per your request. Simply by visiting our website AdRoll will use your cookie identifiers to serve retargeting ads as you continue to browse the internet.

How long is my data stored for?
Tracking, browsing and cookie data is stored by each of our 3rd party services per their respective privacy policies, AdRoll in particular will keep your data for 34 days after a visit before erasing it. Data entered via the forms on this website is all stored by InfusionSoft in our Customer Relationship Managment system, and will be kept indefinitely by us.

What if I don't want to be tracked?
No problem, we can make sure your data is purged from ours and our 3rd party systems. Simply contact gturnipseed@dataconnectcorp.com for assistance. However, we do ask if you don't want to be tracked that you do not continue to visit our website.

Who has access to my data?
Our 3rd party service providers have access to all the data they collect, solely for the purpose of completing their services. The staff of Predictive Safety have direct access to all user data collected by our 3rd party services, and the personal data entered into the forms on this site.

How long does this policy remain effective?
This policy began on October 14th, 2016 and will remain indefinitely or until we change it to adapt to meet the needs to new service providers or data collection techniques.

How can I find changes to this privacy policy?
By visiting this page. We'll continue to keep this page updated with any changes. You can always look at the top line to see when the policy was last updated.

Who is AlertMeter, "we" or "us"?
AlertMeter is a division of Predictive Safety a privately held company based in Centennial, Colorado. If you have further questions or concerns please reach out to us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.