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Predictive Safety Fatigue Management Test and Safety Culture in the Workplace

A fully-automated system using circadian science and data analytics that accurately predicts upcoming fatigue and provides guidance to the workforce without giving your company more work to do.

Instant Fatigue Assessment and Fatigue Risk Management Plan

Instant Fatigue Assessment

Our Fatigue Management System (FMS) instantly pulls the employee's past work schedule and uses other selected metrics to analyze and arrive at an accurate view of fatigue, often hours before workers begin to know it themselves.

Fatigue Management Plan and Accident Prevention and Crisis Management


Once the system assesses the individual’s fatigue level, it alerts the individual and offers countermeasures necessary for them to stay alert. If the fatigue is severe, it automatically alerts supervisors so they can determine the appropriate response.

Workplace Safety Analytics and Workplace Safety Test with Predictive Safety

An automated, closed loop

With assessment, notifications, and tracking, the system continues to track the worker until they end their shift, even alerting them to fatigue risk on their way home.

Alert Meter Workplace Safety Test and Accident Prevention and Crisis Management

A quick, non-language graphics game that tests fit for work status in real time. Based on the use of this simple application, workers have increased insight into their state of mind before they take on risky or precision tasks.

Quick Pre-Shift Test and Workplace Safety Analytics and Fatigue Risk Management Plan

Quick, Pre-Shift Test

Using a tablet affixed to the wall or a smartphone in the field, workers can easily determine their alertness level based on their own natural baseline.

Safety Culture in the Workplace and Fatigue Risk Management Plan

Variances are tracked

If the score is within the difference allowed, the worker continues on with the shift. This system works well when workers arrive on-site, or before a difficult or dangerous task.

Accident Prevention and Crisis Management and Workplace Safety Analytics

Supervisors Are Notified

If the score is over the allowed difference, supervisors may be notified if company protocol requires it. Or, employees may self-manage their own work plans to accommodate their reduced alertness level.