Alert Meter Fatigue Risk Management Plan and Workplace Safety Test

The data that matters

Alertness and impairment data from traditional lagging indicators like drug testing and employee screening are of little use when it comes to staying ahead of accidents. This revolutionary system stays one step ahead of alertness risk by testing employees as they clock-in and providing key alerts right when they matter most.

Our proprietary system is based on a partnership with the alertness and impairment research team at Bowles-Langley Technology. This proven technology has been detecting alertness deviations reliably, and providing life-saving data in our Fatigue Management System for years.

Built for a changing landscape

In today's professional landscape there are more and more reasons that an employee's alertness may be reduced. From impairments like lack of sleep, medication, and outright intoxication to distractions like family issues, or workplace stresses there are seemingly endless hurdles to full alertness.

At the end of the day it really doesn't matter why an employee's alertness isn't tip-top, what's important is keeping them, and your site, safe. That's why we created this unique tool, to let the businesses of today stay one step ahead of reduced alertness and workplace impairment to save lives.

How it works:

Fatigue Management Test and Workplace Safety Test

Build Individual Profiles

Implementation of the Predictive Safety Alertness Test begins by determining a unique baseline reaction time profile for each employee. After set-up the system tracks trends in alertness data, scanning for deviations.

Fatigue Management Test and Safety Culture in the Workplace

Test alertness at clock-in

At clock-in each employee takes an alertness test to ensure they're ready to head on to the site. The streamlined interface is easy to use, language neutral and records live reaction time data instantly.

Fatigue Management Risk Plan to Improve Workplace Safety

Get ahead of risk

The system automatically alerts supervisors when an employees reaction time deviates meaningfully from their baseline. Allowing you to address the concern before your valuable employee can get into harm's way.