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Predictive Safety SRP, Inc. Addition to Renewing Service Orders
November 3, 2021
Any previous Service Order (“Agreement”) entered into by Predictive Safety and “AlertMeter Customers” (“Customers”) shall have the addition of these Terms and Agreements. All Service Orders are governed by the Software License Agreement found at www.predictivesafety.com/SoftwareLicense

Any term not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Software License Agreement.

Addition to Renewing Service Orders

In addition to invoicing Customers for the agreed-upon number of AlertMeter licenses for the agreed-upon period of time, Predictive Safety may exercise a periodic audit during the billing period on the Customer’s AlertMeter website to tally and compare the number of Enrolled Users on the site with the originally agreed-upon number of Enrolled Users. 

In the event that there are additional Enrolled Users of AlertMeter licenses on the site for the audit period in review, Predictive Safety will issue an additional invoice for the additional Enrolled Users at the agreed-upon price per user cost for that audit period.